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Monday, August 07, 2006

A strange thing happened to me on my way to the Comments...

This may seem a trivial event, and in many ways it is, except that it is a symptom of a more general problem.

I found a comment to my previous post “Leave Mel Gibson alone” from someone calling herself tp gal, accusing me of having left a nasty comment on her blog, of whose very existence, in fact, I was blissfully unaware.

Apparently, on the same day of my post she had, in her own words, “posted my break up with Mel Gibson. I do believe he is sorry for what he said, and like most who error [sic!] I believe that he too will be forgiven.”. If you are wondering which woman celebrity separated from the great Mel and you try to remember any gossip you might have read on the topic, don’t. What she meant was that “he doesn't deserve any more of my money”, a terrible fate no doubt, but also (this will come as a huge consolation for Gibson) shared by Tom Cruise.

An “anonymous” user had left this comment to her Gibson post: “who gives a shit...”.

A comment with which, albeit crudely put, I would say that a lot of people could easily agree.

Offended, she tried to find the writer behind the veil of anonymity and looked at her site’s statistics logs. The problem is that she can’t understand them and she thought that the URL of the referral was the domain of the blog belonging to the comment’s writer.

So, just because somebody had visited my weblog before hers I became the culprit.
That’s how she came (jumped, rather) to the conclusion that it was me, idea that she thought confirmed when she saw that my weblog too has a Mel Gibson post.

Why do I think that this is symptomatic? Because tp gal, whoever she is, was so full of her own self-righteousness that she was too eager to condemn others without evidence or knowledge of the facts, at the same time lacking capability for self criticism.

And this is typical of the people who say the things she said about Mel Gibson, passively accepting the media’s interpretation and judgement of events and the politically correct view (or rather lack of view) of the world.

Post Scriptum. And, after she discovered her mistake, she did not even apologize. She has quite a few things to learn from Mel Gibson (a few billions, to be fair).


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